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All Polished And Back In Action

by Jenni Jemmott-Brown, Head Coach

At our RollaDome clubs we like to reward the students that have made a strong effort and worked hard during the session. So how do we do this, our trained coaches and admin team observe the session and then choose the student who is wearing the RD T-Shirt during the session, they feel has made the most effort and achievement in the session. There is no age limit on the “Effort cup” and adult skaters are eligible also (although they don’t wear RD T-shirts). The cup will be issued to a student at the end of the session, with a drum roll build up. A photo of the student will be taken, and we ask that they return the cup (In one piece) next session for another student to be rewarded.

Please feel free to ask our team how you can be rewarded the cup.

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