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Back In Action

by Sarah Otieno, Corporate Branding Officer

Dear RollerDome Community,

I was first introduced to RollerDome through my school website, and what immediately piqued my interest was the fact that it was a charitable organization. Having long harbored a desire to contribute my marketing skills to a non-profit, I embraced this opportunity eagerly. My goal was not only to learn and immerse myself in a new work environment but also to apply my recently acquired academic knowledge with the purpose of making a meaningful impact on someone’s life.

On November 12th, I had the pleasure of meeting Anne-ma-rie-Wah. Her enthusiasm, passion, and unwavering commitment were contagious, intensifying my already strong desire to collaborate with her. During our conversation, I inquired about the organization’s values, and within an hour, it became clear that RollerDome was the perfect fit for me.

I officially joined the team a week later, and I can confidently say that I have not regretted a moment of this incredible opportunity. RollerDome boasts a CEO who comprehensively understands every facet of the business, a team that is not only passionate but also deeply committed to the charitable cause, and a group of experienced and professional coaches dedicated to imparting sports-on-wheels skills.

For parents seeking a secure space where their children can interact, socialize, and grow both physically and mentally, RollerDome is the ideal place, and the people within it provide an unparalleled experience. Feel free to call or email us today to subscribe, whether it’s for your child, yourself, or for a social event.

Best regards,

Sara Otieno

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