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Hi Skaters,

We have now rolled into term 3 and we would just like to remind you that we are operating a refer a friend scheme, where you can invite a friend to have a paid taster session (at the current term you are attending, weeks 1 or 6/ last session) and when they sign up for a full student for the next term, you will qualify for a £10 discount on your full-term student ticket for that same term (we will need the refer a friend new term ticket code, so we can apply the discount). We hope by now that all current students (not adults, sorry) have received their RollaDome T-Shirts these are to be worn at each session you attend. The t-shirts are as a result of successful grant bids from Sported, Proctor & Gamble & Superdrug.

Lastly some students/guardians have asked: 1) Is it possible to purchase the skates and equipment that they have been loaning for over 3 terms, the answer is yes. 2) Would it be possible to purchase a ticket for either 3 or 6 terms as opposed to each term? Can we get a discount on this? The answer to these questions is, yes and if you require more information email us at

Hope you enjoy this update, happy skating and thank you for your support.

Jenni Jemmott-Brown, Head Coach

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