Acton Community Center, Unit A, Munster Court, Bollo Bridge Rd, London W3 8UU

Terms and Conditions

Customers who learn to skate with RollaDome All Skate… are deemed to have understood and accepted the terms and conditions of skate Sessions.

Completion of Booking Form inclusive of waiver is essential. A skater will only be allowed to take Session(s) if this form is duly completed and submitted.

Participants are required to arrive for Sessions 15 minutes prior to start time.

Late attendance: If participant(s) turns up late for a Session, the coach is not obliged to extend the Session beyond the original end-time

Right to decline late participant: The coach reserves the right to bar a participant who is more than 15 minutes late from attending a Session.

Booking Process

A membership form must be completed on behalf of each participant and returned to us no later than 7 prior to the event. You will receive final confirmation of your booking once your application and full payment have been submitted and approved.

Terms of payment – Sales

Payment in full must be made via our online booking system, or invoice receivable

No booking will be processed without a completed booking form.

Alternative Dates

If the activity is planned outdoors, we may have to reschedule due to rain, wind or other factors that affect the quality of the skating area with little advance notice.

Please provide a phone number where you can be reached on your reservation date that we can contact you in the event of cancellation. No refunds will be issued at these reschedules.

In the event of inclement weather, poor conditions, acts of God or other reasons beyond RollaDome All Skate’s…control, the “alternate rain date” specified in this agreement will apply.

If the rain date is not available due to other reservations or inclement weather, a new date may be selected. If a new date is not possible, the party will apply their skating fee towards a reservation for the following season. No refunds.

Additional Notes

RollaDome All Skate… does not assume liability or risk because of a patron’s use of our services.

Terms and conditions subject to change without prior notice.