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Giving Yourself A Sporting Chance

Newsletter editor Robert Young talks about why participation in sport is important.

Sport is in our nature as humans. Activities such as running, jogging, skating and ball sports are essential and fundamental for a happy, healthy and balanced life. But where did this talent and this agility come from?

In the past, legends were passed down about mythical sporting competitions, such as the Roman chariot races, pyramid building among ancient Egyptians and the wrestling and martial arts of far eastern and oriental cultures.

More recently, ball sports has come to the fore, such as tennis in Tudor England and rugby and football from Victorian England to the present day.

But what does sport teach us about life as humans and our overall work ethic?

One of the first things to note about participation in any sporting activity is the focus and emphasis on improvement. Sports are multi-layered activities and require the build up of a certain skill set and agility. But one major lesson about the participation in sports stands out. In order to improve in a sporting skill, constant practice is necessary for success in any area. Once every few months or on occasion is not good enough. Impetus and drive is important, and constant practice, rehearsal and effort is crucial in order to see results or a general improvement in your skills and technique.

Its from this practice and constant rehearsal that our skills rise and become visible. Whether it is balance, speed, synchronisation, technique or teamwork, daily or weekly practice in order to pull off elegant moves and heart-stopping gasping audience moments, muscle memory and discipline is generated from daily participation in sport.

Another major factor in keeping and maintaining a sport is overcoming setbacks. Participation in sport, especially in team sport might not always go well and result in successful outcomes. Failure, whether occasional, from time to time or even constant and relentless, is an event that is guaranteed to show itself in any sport and its overcoming this and learning lessons that is of significance. You may lose a tennis match, or encounter defeat in five matches in succession. But it is having the strength to get up the next day, clench your fists and with resolution, opt to try again. Its this ultimate perseverance and determination that generates energy.

The benefits of taking part in a sport are complemented by the opportunities it gives to build relationships with others. Working for a successful fixture, a high scoring or a successful result requires more than just working individually. Its about coming together and forming successful relationships and collaboration opportunities with others that leads to the major breakthrough. Whatever your position on the court or rink, its vital to communicate with teammates and use them to their full potential.

It would take a fool or an onlooker to state that playing sport involves standing still and being content with your current state of game. Sport involves being proactive and looking for opportunities. Any opportunity to practice, improve and get stronger. Even when there is nothing obvious to do in a game, such as when the opposition are very strong or you’re not quite in the position to make that winning shot, being proactive and looking for ways to help, if any ways, goes a long way to making up a successful team.

Taking part in sport is about learning lessons. Whether it’s a small lesson, a lesson about a position, a lesson about being in the right place or about being more proactive and successful fielding offensive shots.

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