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In Conversation With Shane Adams

Shane looked enthusiastic and ready for action as he spoke to me about his plans to run the London Marathon in April. I set about to find out some more information about the cause that he was running for. “I initially entered the London Marathon ballot, hoping for a positive result. But then VICTA came along with a better deal and said that they had some spaces available for the race and that they would like me to run for them. Without hesitation I turned to them and asked, “Where do I sign?”

Shane spoke to me further about the charity and their cause. “VICTA support people who are blind and partially sighted. The charity helps young people with certain aspects of their lives. Its amazing. All the proceeds will go directly to them.” The charity run a number of courses including youth activity programmes and summer camps to support personal growth, good life choices and the transition into further and higher education by children who are blind and partially sighted. It also boasts a young ambassadors programme and a parent network.

He added, “My target is to raise £1850, but I’m not even half way there yet. I have already had success raising funds from the raffle and online donations, but I still have some way to go. My wife is helping in trying to promote the cause on social media, but we need more donations and every penny that we receive will go a long way”.

Shane works in tandem with RollaDome and organises placements for university students with the charity. He has been working as a placements officer with Brunel University for two years and initially joined up with RollaDome after launching a West London Business website. He is interested in taking on more students to organise study and employment-related placements, so any readers with an interest in this area should get in touch with him.

He mentioned that its all about raising awareness of young people. “I have two young children, a six year old and a three year old. Its so rewarding to raise money for a childrens charity, it’s a fantastic charity. We’re trying to raise £1850. Its all about helping children and giving back”.

Shane works on 8 different pathways on the placements programme at Brunel University. He works with students on masters programmes on AI strategy, marketing, corporate plan management, accountancy and business management. Most of the students he works with are international students and live within close proximity to the university. Its his role to support students, give careers advice and networking strategy.

If you would like to support Shane with his fundraising efforts, please visit the following link: VICTA: Shane’s Fundraising Page (

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