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Journeying Through Roller Speed Skating

by Saishkumar Menon at RollaDome Club

I’m Saishkumar Menon, a dedicated Master’s student at Brunel University London and a National Level Roller Speed Skating Athlete with 8-9 years of experience. Beyond personal triumphs, I’m a passionate coach at RollaDome All Skate, conducting invigorating sessions in Harrow and Heston.

The rush of gliding on wheels fuels my love for roller speed skating. It’s more than a sport; it’s a lifestyle. I actively assist beginners, sharing my skills, and nurturing their passion.

Now, at RollaDome Club, my vision is clear: establish a formidable Roller Speed Skating team, providing meticulous training with tailored drills and techniques. My goal is to enhance speed, refine form, and cultivate a deep appreciation for roller speed skating.

Assuming the role of a coach, the wheels become a canvas for personal growth, camaraderie, and a shared love for roller speed skating. My journey, marked by dedication and competition, serves as an inspiration for all who roll onto the track. RollaDome Club isn’t just gaining a coach; it’s welcoming a mentor shaping the future of roller speed skating. Strap on those wheels feel the breeze, and let the roller speed skating adventure begin.

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