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Meet Anne-Marie Waugh from Rolladome All Skate

Hi Anne-Marie — tell us a bit about Rolladome…
Rolladome is a registered charity on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of young people in NW London through roller skating. Six of us started it in 2009 and since then 40,000 kids have benefited!

Why roller skating?
It’s so important that kids are active but not everyone fits into the traditional sports. School sport and holiday clubs are often very team and results driven, which leaves a lot of kids intimidated and not enjoying physical activity. Roller skating can help fill the gap — it’s fun, relatively cheap and gets kids active.

Do you offer any other activities?
Yes we do! We offer media training which can go towards kids completing the Duke of Edinburgh’s award. And we provide leadership training which is really valuable to kids for their personal development. We’re also really proud to be delivery partners with Capital XTRA for their Music Potential project, bringing creative opportunities to young people.

Wow! Sounds really busy — that’s a lot for a small, local charity!
It is, so it’s important we get people to participate. People often mistakenly think charities are fully funded but that’s not the case and we need to have revenue to survive and develop what we offer. If we’re not financially sustainable we can’t continue. But the great thing about being a local charity is we’re close to our community and have a good understanding of the needs of young people in north west London. And of course local volunteers are invaluable — we’re a great team!

So how does HulaHub fit into all this?
We really enjoy working with HulaHub. It’s the first time in nine years we’ve worked with a leisure network that really wants to understand what we do and how it can help us grow and develop.

To book into sessions with RollaDome All Skate click here.

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