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New Adult Skating Sessions Announced

Are you ready to relive the joy of roller skating or perhaps experience it for the first time as an adult? RollaDome is thrilled to announce the launch of our exciting new adult skating sessions, designed exclusively for grown-ups who want to roll into fun and fitness on wheels.

What to Expect: Our adult skating sessions offer a unique opportunity for adults of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the thrill of roller skating in a welcoming and supportive environment. Whether you’re a seasoned skater looking to brush up on your skills or a complete beginner eager to take your first glide, our sessions cater to all abilities.

Why Join Us: Roller skating isn’t just for kids – it’s a fantastic way for adults to stay active, socialize, and have fun! Our adult sessions provide a refreshing break from the daily grind, allowing you to unwind, de-stress, and let loose on the roller skating rink. Plus, roller skating offers a full-body workout that improves balance, coordination, and cardiovascular health – all while having a blast on wheels!

Express Your Interest: To ensure the success of our adult skating sessions, we need your help! We invite all parents and adult skaters to express their interest in joining our adult sessions by letting us know where and when you would like to see the clubs just for them. Your input will help us secure venues, plan session times, and tailor our offerings to meet the needs and preferences of our adult skating community.

How You Can Help:

  1. Express Your Interest: If you’re excited about the idea of adult skating sessions, let us know! Share your interest with us by contacting our team and expressing your desire to join our adult sessions.
  2. Share Your Suggestions: We value your input and welcome your suggestions for potential venues, preferred session times, and any other ideas you may have for our adult skating sessions. Your feedback will help us create an engaging and enjoyable experience for all participants.
  3. Spread the Word: Help us spread the word about our adult skating sessions to friends, family, and fellow skaters who may be interested in joining. The more interest we generate, the better we can serve our adult skating community!

Get Ready to Roll: Get ready to roll into fun, fitness, and friendship with RollaDome’s new adult skating sessions! Whether you’re looking to rediscover the joy of roller skating or embark on a new adventure on wheels, our adult sessions offer an exciting opportunity to skate, socialize, and stay active this summer. Don’t miss out – express your interest today and join us for an unforgettable skating experience!

Link to form:


  • Diana Mcilvenna Posted 29 April 2024 10:51 am

    I tried to express interest in adult skating but the form in the link above is not allowing me to fill it.
    Could you either re-design the form or add my interest manually.
    I’m interested in adult roller-skating classes at your Acton centre as my kids are attending there and love the lessons!

    • admin Posted 3 May 2024 5:05 pm

      Our sincere apologies, the form has now been fixed, please try again and if you have any further issues, reach out to us at

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