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Poem – Trials & Tribulations

by Anne-Marie Waugh, CEO

Here is a short poem to highlight the plight of charity founders and workers.

It’s a heartfelt ode to the unsung heroes of the non-profit sector, capturing the tireless efforts and unyielding dedication of those who lead and work within these organisations.

It acknowledges the challenges they face—the lack of financial rewards, the stress and strain of sustaining their missions, and the often overlooked but crucial impact they have on public services. Through this verse, I hope to shed light on the vital role these individuals and their teams play in shaping and supporting our communities while advocating for more equitable recognition of their work and the need for business running cost funding.

This poem is not just a tribute but also a call for change, urging greater appreciation and support for these foundational pillars of our society.

In tireless toil, they labor on,

Founders and teams, from dusk till dawn.

With hearts ablaze and hands that weave,

For little gain, they hardly receive.


In charity’s realm, where passion meets need,

They sow the seeds of a selfless deed.

Yet, in this garden of generous hearts,

Their work’s true value often departs.


A plea for recognition, a cry for support,

Their efforts in public service are often cut short.

With barriers high and resources so lean,

Their visions and dreams are not fully seen.


In the tapestry of society, they play a role.

Filling gaps, completing the whole.

From mental health to youth’s bright care,

Their presence is felt everywhere.


Yet, in procurement’s game, they’re often overlooked.

Their insights and solutions are not fully booked.

Invisible heroes in community’s thread,

Undervalued, underfunded, yet forging ahead.


For change, they call; for a fairer way,

Acknowledging their role in the light of day.

Running costs, like any business, they seek,

To strengthen the voice of the humble and in need.


In sports, education, justice, and health, they thrive.

Making a difference and helping society survive.

Their contributions, vast and wide,

In every community, they reside.


Grants and contracts vie to win.

Against all odds, they often wear them thin.

A better ecosystem is their earnest plea.

For recognition, sustainability is the key.

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