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Setting Up HR For A Fast-Growing Charity

One of the biggest challenges for any successful organisation is ensuring that its infrastructure stays one-step ahead of the organisation. If it doesn’t, well, all sorts of things go wrong.

That point was reached in 2023 when Anne-Marie asked me and my team at Abeceder to help establish a HR function that would support a rapidly growing organisation like RollaDome All Skate.

First, we recruited Ashlesha Todkar a master’s student from Brunel University to provide with my guidance on-site HR support. Our first task was to build the HR infrastructure, all those rules that help everyone to perform their part well and help other people to also perform well.

Initially we focused on what happens first, because you only get one chance to make a good first impression. RollaDome All Skate now has a system for recruitment, selection, and induction that should ensure that not just RollaDome takes advantage of that one chance, but candidates and new employees also have the same opportunity to make a good first impression.

Next, we delivered our Abeceder H2R hiring to retiring worker management solution. This gives everyone access to all the information needed to contribute effectively to the on-going success of RollaDome All Skate.

Now, after a year of volunteering RollaDome All Skate has a HR infrastructure that works for the organisation, but just as importantly works for the workers regardless of whether they are employees, contractors, or the all-important volunteers. That means that both organisation and worker can build a long-term hiring to retiring relationship that enables those workers to help RollaDome All Skate achieve its objectives and for every worker to see how achieving those objectives will help them fulfil their lifestyle aspirations.

Michael Millward, director of Abeceder and head of HR at RollaDome.


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