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Spotlight On The Young Ealing Foundation

RollaDome’s Shanika Hodge-Richardson, Assistant Coach, has been nominated for the prestigious Young Ealing Foundation Award, with the ceremony due to take place in May this year.

Shanika has been put forward for the titles of Young Creative of the Year, Young Sports Leader of the Year and Young Volunteer of the Year.

Speaking at an exclusive interview, she mentioned, “I would love to win an award. It will be great for my confidence, and for my personal development so far, and hopefully my actions will be noticed by other people. It will also be good for my CV”.

She described that there were choices when entering the competition and you could pick your nomination. Popular categories were youth facilitator, co-production leader, and sports leadership. There are other options too, but all of these relate to the person entering the competition and their unique skillset.

Shanika mentioned that she hoped her contribution for RollaDome as an assistant coach will play a part in her nomination and hopefully help her to secure the final win.

She has a busy extracurricular life and mentioned some of her activities. “I play the piano and I attend the Soundsteps course for Keyboard and Piano in the Trinity centre in Greenwich. I am currently taking higher graded level keyboard and piano lessons with them”.

She also is involved in sporting pursuits, “I play basketball for the Ealing borough team. I am also involved with boxing and I am undergoing training right now”.

Her musical interests also extend to DJing for her school and other venues across the UK and she has been a DJ at parties, events, funerals, fundraising, schools and fashion shows. She would like to thanks her friends and supporters for nominating her and she hopes that this will help her fulfil her academic and creative achievements in the years to come.

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