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Windsor Club Opens Its Doors To Tremendous Accolade

Anne-Marie, Jenni and the coaching team successfully launched RollaDome All Skate in Windsor over February half term, opening the doors to the endless recreational opportunities that rollerskating provides to Windsor and the surrounding Berkshire areas.

The success of the sessions was brought across by the positive receivership by the children and their parents who flocked to Windsor Leisure Centre to reserve their places for the opening classes after hearing about the club through their local schools.

Parent Smita, a Windsor resident who trialled the new classes, said “My child came home yesterday very happy and enthusiastic about the session she had had”. Already a musician, ballet dancer and a gymnast, her daughter tried out the classes as it was the first time they had heard about a rollerskating club in the Windsor area and they wanted to try it out.

Operating in the Windsor Leisure Centre, Clewer Avenue, Stovell Road, Windsor, up the road from the castle and on the errand route of notable royal members, the club features classes at different levels of skating ability, from beginner and intermediate through to advanced. It teaches skating on quads (four wheel rollerskates) and inline skates (two wheel rollerskates).

Mother of two Marghu spoke about the benefits of being active, learning new skills and improving physique as key benefits to enrolling with Rolladome.

“My child has an interest in skating” said Marghu, “they wanted to have fun with friends and they have come with an open mind”.

CEO of Rolladome Anne-Marie Waugh says that it’s all about giving students a choice. “We teach skating on quads and inline skates and we offer the option to either learn one or the other. We also teach roller skating slalom on quads and skating hockey on inline skates”. She also mentioned the vital skills of teamwork and collaboration that can be learned through inline skating.

Tara was prompted to sign up for the club by a flyer at her daughters primary school. Speaking during one of the sessions, she said “I used to skate myself as a child. The classes will help build confidence in my children. My older child loves it”.

Mother Rakhi mentioned she used to be an enthusiastic member of the Slough club before finding out about the club at Windsor. Speaking about the scheduling of the sessions, she emphasised the importance of having a regular routine. “I would prefer the sessions to run during the week otherwise my daughter will get out of practice”.

“My children attended the sessions yesterday. They liked the session and found it very enjoyable. The staff were very cooperative and understanding. Communication is an important aspect of being a member of a club and this has improved substantially in recent months”.

Speed skating is an important feature of the class schedule at RollaDome and is currently being taught at the Harrow Club.

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