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Winter Skating

by R. Young

The winter season has arrived here in the UK and with shorter days and colder temperatures, keeping your body active and moving has never been more important!

Warm hands and feet are essential when starting a roller skating session in the winter. When starting your ride, ensure you are fully warm – if indoors, it may be preferable to start near to a source of heat, such as a radiator, heater or stove.

If you’re heading out to Flippers in Shepherds Bush or travelling back from Dalston on a frosty day after some quality vegan food, a full set of protective clothing is highly recommended!

Wherever your location and however you are equipped with clothing, a promising way to start any skating session in the winter is by warming up. Some effective warm up exercises to choose from ahead of your next skating session include arm circles, forward leg swings, star jumps and marching on the spot. Additionally, a series of stretches of the arms and legs are advisable.

Rainy weather is more common in the winter time and can also pose a challenge. Pavements, road surfaces and tarmac can become more slippery. It is always sensible to allow for a longer period of stopping time, to wear knee and elbow protection and to maintain good visibility of skaters that are in front. Allowing extra time is also prudent, particularly when picking up last-minute groceries or heading to your nearest roller skating rink.

If outdoors, make sure you are well insulated. Gloves, a woolly hat and plenty of layers are highly beneficial here in order to avoid frostbite and ensure maximum dexterity for fitting skates and adjusting laces or straps. In addition, it may be a good idea to use a headband or earmuffs under your helmet.

Stuck indoors on a Sunday? Weather cold & wet? Then head down to Heston Skate Club – it’s where it all happens! With prices as low as £26, there’s no better way to keep fit and active and develop agility and coordination! Special discounts also exist for students, taster tickets and for parents.

Based more central? The Acton Gardens skate club is a fantastic way to get fit and make new friends. Plus if you are based in the Ealing area, the Brentside skate club is highly recommended.

Roller skating is one of the healthiest winter sports, as research has proven that it engages every muscle in your body. In addition, it is particularly beneficial for muscles in the lower limbs and for body endurance. Skating indoors on a roller-skating rink can free a person of obstacles such as common coughs and colds passed around my children inside a school classroom. So if you’re feeling like your body could do with some TLC, put your skates on and head down to your nearest RollaDome club today!

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